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        1. [1]万金彬,李庆华,白松涛.页岩气储层测井评价及进展[J].测井技术,2012,36(05):441-447.
           WAN Jinbin,LI Qinghua,BAI Songtao.Welllogging Evaluation in Shale Gas Reservoir and Its Advances[J].WELL LOGGING TECHNOLOGY,2012,36(05):441-447.





          Welllogging Evaluation in Shale Gas Reservoir and Its Advances
          中国石油集团测井有限公司油气评价中心, 陕西 西安 710077
          WAN Jinbin LI Qinghua BAI Songtao
          Oil and Gas Evaluation Center, China Petroleum Logging CO. LTD., Xi’an, Shaanxi 710077, China
          测井评价 页岩气储层 总有机碳 成熟度指数 裂缝识别 样本数据库
          log evaluation shale gas reservoir total organic carbon (TOC) maturity index (MI) fracture
          Shale gas reservoir log evaluation differs from that of conventional gas reservoir because over 90% of shale gas reservoirs need fracturing and the shale bed rock has ultra low porosity and permeability. On the basis of researches on a great number of articles about shale gas reservoir log evaluations since 2008, summarized are geologic characteristics of shale gas reservoir, and introduced are the advances of the reservoir core sample analysis technology and suitable logging methods in shale gas reservoirs. Provided are not only the calculation methods of log total organic carbon (TOC), maturity index (MI) and the parameters of rock mechanical properties, but also the fracture evaluation method. Discussed are existing problems in shale gas reservoir log evaluation, and provided is the feasible developing direction in future research. It is believed that it is necessary to build a full information sample database for shale gas reservoir.


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          作者简介: 万金彬,男,1971年生,高级工程师,从事测井解释评价及测井解释方法研究工作。
          更新日期/Last Update: 2012-10-20